Happy Year!

We did not send out a Christmas card, which I am wondering about now, as I realize that some people may not read our blog, but for those of you who do, here it is.

We had a wonderful 2008.

Sophie started kindergarten in the fall. She is doing very well. She likes her school and her teacher and she is excelling in her work. She is learning French at home and learning how to read. She can read early reader books with Mommy and Daddy and is thrilled to point out words as she goes throughout her day. This month marked a huge milestone for her — her first loose tooth. She must have been the last kid in school to get one. I think that she may have just wiggled it loose herself and she faithfully checked each tooth every day. Most of her friends sport large gaps in their smiles, all the more reason that Sophie was so frustrated at not having any loose teeth herself.

Lillie also claims to have a “loose toose” but do not believe her. She just wants to be like Sophie.

Lillie has quite the little personality. She is very advanced verbally so even though she is just 2 years old, she can and will tell long stories and repeat everything we say. And as she talks she moves her arms and hands around and cocks her head and generally uses her whole body to communicate. She loves to bake with Mommy and play outside and look at fish and pictures of fish and dance around. She likes to run, she can run for blocks and blocks without stopping.

Shad is progressing in both his schooling and his profession. He taught at Pacific University, a private college near Portland, this fall. It meant a 2 1/2 hour drive each way two days a week, but it will look very nice on his resume and we all handled the sacrifice just fine.

Work is going well for me. My influence has spread so I am now heard globally. I really prefer to be home with my girls, which is what a I get to do most of the time. I volunteer at Sophie’s school one day a week. As soon as things quiet down at home after the holidays, I will complete my training to become a Daisy (girl) scout leader. I was never a girl scout so Sophie and I will learn together. I’m working on learning Italian and generally keep myself busy.

Anyone and everyone who wants to come visit us is more than welcome to do so. We had my cousin, Kelly, stay with us for spring break and Owen come for Thanksgiving and a random friend of my sister come for the day before christmas eve, and we loved it. Come see us anytime. We even have Poulo one weekend a month, our favorite weekend of the month.

So happy holidays! We love you all and can’t wait to see you in the New Year,

Love, The Staffords

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