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Cheerleading Camp at UO

Sophie got to go to a Cheerleading Clinic at the University of Oregon yesterday. She checked in at 10am, learned cheers, had a pizza lunch and then preformed, along with all of the other little girls and the UO cheerleaders, at half time.
Sophie knew which side of the court Daddy was on taking pictures…

I missed [...]

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Christmas was very nice this year. We usually go out of town to see family in other states this time of year (not usually intentionally) so it was a nice change of pace to be at home for the entire month. This was also the first year that Sophie has been in school so winter [...]

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Christmas Bunk Beds

All of the bad weather in the Northwest delayed our present to the girls, but they did finally come! We got the girls bunk beds. I hand embroidered blankets for the girls and we got them new sheets and everything else they need to make sleeping an all around good time.
It took about 8 hours [...]

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