Christmas was very nice this year. We usually go out of town to see family in other states this time of year (not usually intentionally) so it was a nice change of pace to be at home for the entire month. This was also the first year that Sophie has been in school so winter break time was very noticeable. 

As is tradition, we went to Molly and Jon’s house for Christmas Eve to celebrate with them and with Tee. We exchange gifts, eat good food, listen to Christmas carols and generally spend the evening as one should at this time of year. Lots of Christmas cookies.

Lillie in her new fleece…

Our family…

Little girls like to help everyone open their presents. Gromper…


Sophie and Lillie got scooters from Granmolly and Gromper. They spent the rest of the night scootering around their grandparents’ miles of hardwood floors.


After Grandparents’ house we went home to put out stockings and water for the reindeer (Lillie believed this to be very important and insisted on it.)

Sophie woke everyone up at 6:55 am. Christmas had come.

I made quilts for both of the girls. Lillie’s has fish on it and Sophie’s is green with giant flowers on it. I hand embroidered the fish and flowers.

Sophie made me an awesome calendar at school. Each month has a beautiful picture made using a different technique.  I especially like July. They put glue on a marble and rolled it around the page and then sprinkled it with glitter. I love it so much.

Opening more gifts…

Over this particular holiday season Lillie developed a taste for candy. 

The damage…

Still excited about her scooter and attempting to avoid cleaning up the mess, Sophie bundled herself up and went outside to scooter up and down the street.

Lillie got a play doh ice cream maker. We ate so much play doh ice cream that day. She got more use out it in one day that I expected for the entire lifetime of the thing.

She’ll make you whatever you want – shakes, cones, a pile in your hand, anything as long as you like spumoni.

When it was time to put Christmas away until next year, Lillie cried. She keeps singing “Santa Claus is coming to town”, I think that she hopes Christmas will just happen again if she keeps the faith.

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