Sweet Dee and Coco

We added two little kittens to our family earlier this week. James thought he might bring us some kittens from the cat that lives in his favorite hangout in Italy, but customs proved to be too much of an obstacle so we just adopted some from craigslist while he was in town.

Sweet Dee is the gray one and is a girl, and  Coco is the black and white one and is a boy. They were born May 2nd, so are still pretty tiny little things, but they are adorable and lots of fun to play with. 



Lillie and Sophie are both having a blast with the cats, and despite what it looks like in the picture below, are doing a pretty good job of not hassling them too much. It helps that Sophie is still a little bit afraid of them, so isn’t as eager to pick them up as we expected. That probably won’t last, but for now the kittens are settling in well.




I’m sure we’ll post more pictures soon, but so far we’re spending our time playing with the kitties rather than taking pictures of them

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