Daddy-Daughters Day

As a little treat the day before Father’s Day, I got to take my two girls out for a day of fun without Becky tagging along. We had a blast. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of the three of us, but here are some of the pictures I took of the girls.

We started at the cabin where the girls found lots of wild salmon berries to eat. I wasn’t sure they’d like them, as I’ve always looked at salmon berries are something of an acquired taste, but both the girls took to them immediately and had fun foraging for them. This seems to be a good year for salmon berries so there were lots to find

The cabin is getting a bit overgrown since we don’t get there very much these days. This is the main trail, which usually doesn’t have anything growing in it.


The girls had helped me pack a picnic the night before and we had a good lunch on the front deck. The mosquitos looked fierce, but didn’t seem to bite us and the girls didn’t even seem to notice them.


Lillie found navigating the tall grass and blackberries to be hard, but Sophie had a lot of fun exploring and really wanted Lillie to go off on an expedition with her. Lillie wasn’t having any of it though, so we went through the meadow and down to the creek, but didn’t ever get very far from the Cabin.



After the cabin we headed to the beach (the South jetty, near Florence) for the rest of the afternoon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the central Oregon coast, it is sparsely populated and even on a day in June we were able to have a beach to ourselves. Sophie loved running down the dunes, then we set up on the beach and built a sand castle



Our sand castle (not quite finished):


Eventually the girls got tired of the sand (and the cold wind that was blowing) so we headed in to Florence to explore the harbor and get some clam chowder at Mo’s.


It was a wonderful day for me and I feel lucky to have such fun girls to play with.

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