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Lillie’s 3rd Birthday!

Today Lillie turned 3 years old! She requested a fish themed birthday party.
When she woke up, the house had been decorated in the night and there was a present for her to open on the table.

It is a barn like the one she loves to play with at her friend’s house…

We decorated the house like [...]

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Mima and the Girls

I got some pictures of Mima and the girls about a year ago, but they just never got posted. I’ve been promising Mima that I would get them up, and today I finally am! Only about 13 months after we took them…..

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Day at the Beach

Sophie and I decided that before the summer ended we needed to get one more good day at the beach. We left Lillie and Becky in Eugene and spent an entire day goofing around on the coast. We spent most of our time building a sand-castle and playing in the waves at Devil’s elbow. The [...]

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