Lillie’s 3rd Birthday!

Today Lillie turned 3 years old! She requested a fish themed birthday party.

When she woke up, the house had been decorated in the night and there was a present for her to open on the table.


It is a barn like the one she loves to play with at her friend’s house…


We decorated the house like it was underwater. All of the ballons had a piece of candy, clips or another small item. The kids got to go around and pop the “bubbles” and get treats out of them. It was Sophie’s idea as she still might be traumatized by the pinata incident of her third birthday. Ballons are much easier to open, provide a more appropriate amount of candy and are very, very loud.


Mommy made this wonderful aquarium cake, just as Lillie requested…


Another game we played at the party is fishing paper-cliped fish with a magnetic fishing pole. The fish each had a small sheet of stickers for the girls. Lillie’s next-door friend, Lyla, came over to play and celebrate with us. And Coco wanted to catch the string and the fish in the tray.


Lillie got some wonderful gifts, including this one, a really china tea set from GranMolly and Gromper. She loved each one of her presents and handled all of the excitement very well.


Happy Birthday, Lillian. We love you so much!!!

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