Our New House!!!

Shad and I have bought our first home!! We are going to stay in Eugene and see how it all goes for us and our family. We picked a home, went through about 2 weeks of hell and then finally got the keys yesterday.

Here are some photos, I like to call them “Before Photos” as we have major renovations planned, and I will try to keep up on posting those for you as well.

*Disclaimer*: If I complain about an aspect of my new home that you happen to have in your home, don’t be offended, I’m sure it’s very nice in your home.

The Kitchen:




We are planning to paint the cabinets, replace the brown range and hood and, hopefully, get a new refrigerator soon.  The countertops and sink will stay and the wall oven, which is actually in really good shape, will simply be painted with high heat paint.

Wooo, we have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal!

This is the view from the hallway, you can see the living room, dining room and the kitchen:

We have had the house for less than 24 hours, and I have already removed all of the doors and hardware in the kitchen, washed the cabinets and walls and, get this, removed that cupboard blocking the kitchen from the dining room.P1030924

Any ideas for this fireplace and strange wood wall? This is the living room, complete with a 12 foot slider which will be replaced with french doors and large windows. We liked this house a lot simply for that wonderful access to the backyard. Right off of the living room is as good as it gets with kids.


Yes, the fan will be replaced. The barrier to the entryway will be removed, as we are planning an addition to the front of a porch and a foyer. Flooring is also planned. Oh, yes, and curtains.


And now to the most terrible and wonderful part of the house…our pink bathroom. (Again, I’m sure your pink bathroom is delightful.)

That is pink with brown tile and a wonderful soap dish with some kind of green rust in it. I will not bore you with all of the details of this remodel, but we are taking it to the studs and making it so much much better.



So this is our new home. It’s a three bedroom with one bath, an open floor plan and a nice backyard. We are so happy, so happy and we can’t wait to have all of you come visit us when the work is done. And of course, anyone who wants to help, grab a paint brush or a screwdriver, whatever strikes your fancy!!

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