The Bathroom Remodel Begins

And so the demolition of the house commences. Mima came down to help us, and what a help she was. She and I basically did everything, although Shad did turn up in the afternoon sometime.

There was a closet in the hall way and using a sawsall and a lot of kicking, Mima and I took it down to make more room for the new bathroom.

This is the view of the progress from the living room. Not that there is still a tub, a vanity and a dividing wall…


Same picture but from the bathroom, looking into the hall…

All of the walls were drywall, plastered over with some kind of concrete and chicken wire.


Somehow hard work isn’t that hard when it’s your bathroom. Now the vanity and tub are gone and I’m taking down the dividing wall.


Things are a little cleaner in this picture. We will have to take more photos though because as of now the bathroom is mostly studs and there is no toilet (and we only have one bathroom so we’ve been running back and forth to the park). The toilet paper is still there though.


This weekend we are planning to demo the remaining (exterior) wall (the toilet paper holder will have to go now) and to take down the ceiling so the the elecrician can reach the wires.

If asked to weigh in on the popular belief that remodels are hell and their worth should be carefully considered before begining something so horrible, I would say, it’s not that big of a deal… unless you are me. I want it all done now. And if I am the one to do it, that’s fine. But plumbers and such annoy me. Why don’t they want a beautiful bathroom for me as quickly as possible? I mean, I want a beautiful bathroom for me as quickly as possible.

I’m sure that things will get worse before they get better, but for now, I’m pretty pleased.

I’ve been working after dinner on painting and sanding and filling holes in other rooms. I feel very fortunate that we don’t have to live there while we are doing the work. But time is ticking and eventually we will have to stop paying a mortgage and rent.

So there is this new thing called Agricultural Tourism — you take a vacation to a farm and they let you make butter and feed chickens and the like. We are now offering Construction Tourism: openings at the Stafford Manor in demolition, painting, drywall and plumbing. Inquire today!

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