Complete Demolition

After talking to a plumber and thinking about it some more, we realized that we should probably take down the other two walls and the ceiling.

Shad spent a good part of the morning crouched in the attic, wading through and tossing insulation trying to reveal the ceiling to the bathroom. I was down in the bathroom demolishing the rest of the bathroom.

Now THIS is a complete demolition…


Sunday we had no more work to do, so we took the day to go shopping. We bought the tile, lighting and some construction materials that we will need for the upcoming weeks.

Next week we will be framing and drywalling, preparing for the following week of tile, the weekend I am the most excited about. Congratulations to Jason Stafford for being the first to sign up for our Construction Tourism weekend! You’re gonna love it! For the rest of you, there are still openings. Hurry, this offer won’t last long (I hope).

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