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Hard at work, Sophie and I found another layer of linoleum underneath the one we started to rip up. So the light stuff was on top and this brown stuff that we are working on is the linoleum under the white stuff and glued directly onto the hardware we are trying to unearth. Sophie was [...]

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Another Day In Paradise

Shad and I took Wednesday off of work to make more progress on the house. Of course, we had goals that could not be met, but we did try. We feel that we worked hard and didn’t dawdle and still we didn’t get through a third of the list of things to do.
For those of [...]

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Little Things

Before begining work on the house this weekend, Sophie and I volunteered at a fun run to benefit CASA of Lane County, an organization dear to my heart. Sophie and  got up early and had some special time before hitting the remodel work. I wanted to get some photos of us in action, but  Sophie [...]

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Uncovering Treasure

Photos of this weekend’s work will be posted tonight. We are hoping to have more to show if you give us another day!
I was removing the carpet in the living room and hall yesterday and the archaeologist in me came out. I started digging test pits and digging past the assumed bottom of the flooring [...]

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I finished painting the kitchen last night. I will post some photos as soon as I take some. It was very exciting to finally have that over with. It was getting very depressing to see a kitchen half painted, half primed. The ceiling still needs to be painted but I think I’m going to wait [...]

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