Little Things

Before begining work on the house this weekend, Sophie and I volunteered at a fun run to benefit CASA of Lane County, an organization dear to my heart. Sophie and  got up early and had some special time before hitting the remodel work. I wanted to get some photos of us in action, but  Sophie and I were so busy there wasn’t anytime! I had to put this in because she’s so cute!


And work officially begins…

A few weeks ago Jason came from Portland to help us replace the giant sliders we had with a set of french doors and large window. Saturday, Shad and Gromper finally got them square and functional. We have a lot more finish work to do, but we are proud of where we are so far. The paint around the edges are possible living room colors, so enjoy your sneak peak!


Though not quite done, the kitchen is very close to done. We have a handful of things left to do, including paint the ceiling, replace the light fixture, put the oven door back on the oven and get a new fridge. But here is the kitchen so far…


This weekend was full of miscellaneous projects, including pulling up the carpet. Because we need the large area of the living room for projects, we didn’t want to leave the hardwood exposed to hardcore wear and tear. I cut the carpet into sections, rolled it up, removed all of the padding and the nails and staples holding it all down. Then I unrolled the carpet to cover the area just cleaned up. Because of this we didn’t get any photos of the living room all finished, but here is the next best thing, a sideways picture of a hallway your probably didn’t even know was carpeted in the first place. So tilt your head and enjoy!


Our home is extremely well built and was very well cared for. In taking down walls and such, we have found good materials and it seems to have good bones.  I keep waiting to pull down some sheet rock and find that there was an electrical fire in the wall and all this time and money we have put into remodeling is making the home better than it was before. But we have run into no such thing – thus most of the projects just feel like changing decor- more like opinions than quality.But the carpet was different. This was the first place that I knew I was making the world a better place. All of the carpet and padding was soaked in pee-pee. What a time to be a super-smeller!  And the bottom layer of padding had mostly disintegrated. It was like picking up a layer of slightly hard sand that crumbles in your hands. So I am sure now, that, whether future owners would rather have hard wood or have carpet, everyone has to be happy that I ripped out all what can only be called a carpet pad of of kitty litter. Non-clumping.

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