Uncovering Treasure

Photos of this weekend’s work will be posted tonight. We are hoping to have more to show if you give us another day!

I was removing the carpet in the living room and hall yesterday and the archaeologist in me came out. I started digging test pits and digging past the assumed bottom of the flooring in the dining room. Under two layers of linoleum and a layer of plywood, I found the original hardwood!

We were planning to try to match the hardwood in the living room to re-do the floors in the dinning room and kitchen. Now we will have the original, totally matching, real hardwood. Cost effective flooring may have called for an inferior product, but now, even with the possible cost of refinishing the long-covered hardwood, we will have a wonderful floor at a good price.

Before anyone says, “Wood in the kitchen and dinning room? Is that a good idea?”, noted.

I have endeavored to keep this blog light and happy, like I am about my new house. However, we are men of action and lies do not become us. Permits and inspections suck. We should all rally against the man and stop the oppression. We are TWO WEEKS behind because of inspections. The permits were not that much trouble, but because they lead to inspections, they suck, too.

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