Another Day In Paradise

Shad and I took Wednesday off of work to make more progress on the house. Of course, we had goals that could not be met, but we did try. We feel that we worked hard and didn’t dawdle and still we didn’t get through a third of the list of things to do.

For those of you keeping track, however, note that we:

- Finished the venting for the bathroom fan

- Put up the rest of the ceiling in the bathroom

- Put in the subflooring of the bathroom (yes, that is the flooring under the flooring but on top of the other flooring)

- Began building the wall of the shower

- Began tar papering the walls to prepare them for the drywall

But, alas, tomorrow begins the weekend and we will have two days to complete the list. Every Frida we say, “By next weekend we will be ready to tile.” And every Sunday night we condole each other, saying, “Well, we did get some stuff done.”

This Friday we really mean it though!

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