Hard at work, Sophie and I found another layer of linoleum underneath the one we started to rip up. So the light stuff was on top and this brown stuff that we are working on is the linoleum under the white stuff and glued directly onto the hardware we are trying to unearth. Sophie was very helpful and all of it is now up. Well, the top layer is. For all of that hard work, we now have uglier linoleum with headless nails poking out of it. But I still feel like we are closer to something.


Lillie meanwhile was helping Daddy by “handing him nails and giving him kisses.” She felt this required the use of safety goggles.


Despite the large bathroom, it is difficult to take very nice pictures. Here is one from about a week ago. We are further along now and those photos will be posted soon, maybe tomorrow.

The half wall is going to be the only barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, we are not going to have a shower curtain or a will between the shower and the tub. Basically, what is in there so far is how it’s going to be, plus tile, vanities and a toilet, of course.


For all of you keeping track, we move out of the rental on the 20th of June, but we hope to actually be done moving the weekend before that so we have some time to clean out the rental and tie up loose ends. Let’s see how that goes.

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