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This Weekend!

This weekend is the big one…we are moving to the new house. Our first home.
We will have a little work to do before we can move in- painting, washer/dryer work, etc.  But we are going to work on it frantically and hopefully be ready to move in the morning.
Sophie and I have packed about 10 [...]

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Almost there

We laid the mosaic tiles for the shower floor.  We had to take the girls with, but they jumped in and helped. Sophie and Lillie started a “tile store” and made us ask for the shapes we needed. Sophie kept a list of what she’d sold to us and the whole process took a lot [...]

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As moving day draws closer (June 19th and 20th) we are scrambling to finish the bathroom, and the rest of the house for that matter. Here is the tile progress so far…

The biggest project this weekend was, however, the floor of the dinning room. In all of my life I’ve never gone through this much [...]

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After weeks of prep in the way of demo, drywall, plumbing and electricity, we finally began tiling this weekend.
First mixing concrete…

This is the shower, with tar paper, all built and ready for slate tiles…

Taping the seams for a flat surface…

And the tiling begins…

Jason came down to help us, he was very helpful and you should [...]

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