As moving day draws closer (June 19th and 20th) we are scrambling to finish the bathroom, and the rest of the house for that matter. Here is the tile progress so far…


The biggest project this weekend was, however, the floor of the dinning room. In all of my life I’ve never gone through this much trouble for 100 square feet in my life. I think that having babies is easier than what I had to do to reveal the hardwood under years of bad choices by past homeowners. I had to take up two layers of linoleum (Shad took up most of the second layer) and was then left ¬†with a layer of thick, black gunk. This glue had to be scrubbed off with paint thiner and scrub brushes.



The floors are done now and, like labor, I’m already forgetting how bad it all was. And then I take off my pants…


Apparently my plumber’s crack doesn’t give a lot of protection to the buttocks area.

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