This Weekend!

This weekend is the big one…we are moving to the new house. Our first home.

We will have a little work to do before we can move in- painting, washer/dryer work, etc.  But we are going to work on it frantically and hopefully be ready to move in the morning.

Sophie and I have packed about 10 boxes. Shad and Lillie have packed none. Truth be told, we have almost nothing packed. However, with the exception of our garage, we have very little that we CAN pack.  We are going to spend a night or two with GranMolly and Gromper so that we can wash linens, pack stuff, etc.

Wish us luck, it’s going to be a big job, especially because we have not lined up much help. A few friends plan to “stop by”, but it may mostly be Shad and I. Memory building, right?

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