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It’s not Halloween yet, but Alex wanted to see the girls in their costumes. They got to trick-or-treat at Becky’s work yesterday and then we had the Moss St. party, so they’ve already got quite a haul of candy and treats. They both decided to be witches and are both really adorable

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Beach Trip

Back in September I took the girls to the beach for the day. We had pretty much the best imaginable day; here are some pictures.
We started at the Newport aquarium. The girls have been there a lot, but don’t seem to get tired of checking out all the fish. The otter was out and about [...]

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I have long been lamenting the situation of our fireplace. It is ugly and, especially when compared to our bathroom, it is so dated. So, after making Shad promise not to yell at me for whatever happened that day while he was at work, I ripped off the ugly wood that covered the top of [...]

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