Playhouse Remodel

We had one day of wonderful weather this week, we just couldn’t stay inside. So I decided to take the opportunity to paint the playhouse – something I’d wanted to do for a while.

I always forget to take before pictures, but here is the playhouse as it was with a fresh coat of paint inside and out, but no trim done or any other finishing touches.


Turn your head sideways for a lovely shot of the floor before…


Three days later (the subsequent two days were NOT warm and pleasant at all!), it is done… New interior and exterior paint, curtains, and a painted “rug”. Best part, it only cost me time, the paint was already in my garage, the curtains were a hand me down from a neighbor whose daughter didn’t like them.


Inside, from the little window…


A little trivia game. All of the paint came from my garage. On the floor: one color is my hallway, one my living room, one is the color of the library one the current color of the bathroom, one the color of the bathroom that Shad chose (it lasted one day) and three were candidates for the exterior of my house. Now which color is which?


The girls really want the playhouse to shut all the way up and be secret and cosy. So all of the curtains easily open and shut, ribbon loops I sewed. Here is the playhouse all closed up.


So what did the girls think?

Lillie: “Mama, this is better than you think it is, you painted it too goodly.”

Sophie just jumped around laughing and giving me a thumbs up. She’s thrilled about the curtains I think.

Now I have to go find another project or stumble upon another fixer upper in my backyard.

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