I was leaving a meeting and a bit late to get Lillie from preschool. As I hurried down the sidewalk, I tripped and landed directly on my face. My knees didn’t touch the ground as I fell, my face took the entire weight of the fall. Luckily, Granmolly was still at the meeting and plenty of other people were there too. I went to the ER (for a trip on the sidewalk!) I got a tetanus shot and a CT scan and am now at home. But check out this picture!!!!


I think it looks even worse now that the blood is gone because you can see a huge gash on my forehead, my nose is caked in a scab and my chin is scraped up pretty badly. My teeth are also loose in my head and may have even been cracked – dentist next week.

Pretty embarrassing.

Here is the after picture, after they washed the blood off…


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