The Kitchen

When we moved into our home, the kitchen was very dated. With all of the time and money we put into the bathroom, our kitchen was our second priority in both areas, but I think we did a pretty good job.

It was difficult to take photos of the kitchen in a “wide angle” because there was a huge cabinet over the counter top by the dinning room when we got the house. It was literally the first thing to go, I pulled it down alone the first day we had the keys.


Oven/Fridge area…





Here is where it takes a few smaller photos to cover when a wide picture does in the “after” photo…




(Before we moved everything in, still without a new fridge, new light fixture or shelves for the dishes…)


(After everything was moved in…)


The oven is a special size and would be expensive to replace and there would really be no point to doing so, as it was in perfect condition. All that was wrong with it was that it was harvest gold color! So I spray painted it, turned out perfectly.

We added a ceramic cook top to replace the brown, coil-burner kind, we also got a combination microwave/fan and a new fridge and new faucet. New drawer pulls, a few IKEA shelves, a new light fixture and some cheap linoleum tiles and the place was done. It seemed like snap in comparison to the work of the bathroom!

The paint in the back of the cupboards is the same color as the hall way paint.

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