Fireplace Remodel Complete (Kinda)

We are in a mad dash to get the fireplace ready for Santa’s first visit to our new home.

Let us all get reacquainted with the fireplace in its original state. This is what it looked like in April when we bought the house.


We ripped down the wood above the fireplace, textured and painted the wood on the wall, mortered over the brick, painted the door frame, made a mantel, tiled and drywalled. Phew!

The result…


Another view…


We still need to seal the tile in a few days and stain the mantel, but it has been declared worthy of Santa, and that’s all that matters.

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Fireplace Remodel


We are planning to begin the fireplace remodel this weekend. In preparation, I spray painted the fireplace surround black, to cover the ugly bronze. It turned out very well. Then blah, blah, I tagged the fireplace as a little extra motivation for Shad to get on the remodel.

More pictures to come!

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The girls and I had a beautiful hike up Spencer’s Butte this morning with Molly and Jon and Jason. It was a gorgeous day and wonderful views (and lots of people at the top). Both Lillie and Sophie hiked all the way up and all the way down all by themselves. It was cold, but they were tough little hikers and enjoyed having hot cocoa at the top.

Here are the girls at the halfway point:


There wasn’t a lot of snow, but there was plenty of ice on the trail so it was slippery.


And here we are at the top:


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It’s not Halloween yet, but Alex wanted to see the girls in their costumes. They got to trick-or-treat at Becky’s work yesterday and then we had the Moss St. party, so they’ve already got quite a haul of candy and treats. They both decided to be witches and are both really adorable


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Beach Trip

Back in September I took the girls to the beach for the day. We had pretty much the best imaginable day; here are some pictures.

We started at the Newport aquarium. The girls have been there a lot, but don’t seem to get tired of checking out all the fish. The otter was out and about and playing


Lillie is much more into the touch table than she used to be. Brave enough to touch all the different critters


After the aquarium, we headed down to Devils Churn. It wasn’t churning much, but we had fun playing around on the rocks


And the girls clowned around for me a bit



Next stop was Neptune’s cove. One of the joys of the Oregon coast is having entire empty beaches. This is a gorgeous section of beach with interesting rock formations at the end and beautiful forested hills for a backdrop. The weather was warm and it wasn’t too windy, and it was just a great spot to play.


Lillie wanted to make sure the rocks didn’t fall on her head while I took the picture


We build a fairly epic sand castle. The towers in the middle are mine, then the girls each did their own tower on the end. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, it was quite a construction project


Eventually someone else did wander down the beach and took our picture for us


The sun was so warm that the girls spent at least an hour running in the waves



It was a wonderful day

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